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Cleo’s Milch flows from Willow Bend’s well

The river of creativity and innovation which flows through Willow Bend, led to the creation of Cleo’s Milch, a range of skin wellness products crafted from goat’s milk.

As is the case with Udder Delight, Yvette and Winett only use the best ingredients to make Cleo’s Milch’s sensational products. We continuously search for the best natural oils, such as olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, palm oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, and sweet almond oil. In some of our soaps we use oatmeal, honey, and natural clays. Through sound agricultural management practice, high quality goat’s milk is produced.

Cleo’s Milch is like an art studio combined with a florist, always wonderfully fragrant and colourful, uplifting, and no two batches are ever the same. Every batch is unique in flavour and colour mix, an artwork in its own right, and always based on an internationally tried and trusted recipe.

Hand crafted goat’s milk soap provides many advantages, including the fact that it is moisturising and soft on the skin. Most clients report a reduced need for other moisturisers like creams, etcetera.

Goat’s milk is very high in vitamins, minerals, proteins and lactic acid. Lactic acid has been known to help remove dead skin cells and soften the skin, making goat’s milk a natural exfoliant. These moisturizing qualities of the natural oils and butters we use, combined with the nutrients of goat’s milk, will have your skin looking and feeling amazing!

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Cleo’s Milch goat’s milk skin wellness soaps currently available:

Instructions for reading: read slowly, silently, while breathing deeply …
  • Awesome Autumn (lavender, bergamot, neroli)
  • Early Autumn (frankincense, clove bud, rosewood, peppermint, spearmint)
  • Earth Goddess (cedarwood, lavender, rosewood, nutmeg, patchouli)
  • Peachy Promise (grapefruit, palmarosa)
  • Marine Swirl (seabreeze fragrance oil)
  • Luscious Lemon (lemongrass, lemon, lemon verbena)
  • Rose Medley (rose blend, rose geranium, rosewood)
  • Chocolate (chocolate , honey)
  • Spicey Coffee (coffee, nutmeg, clove bud, cinnamon leaf)
  • Freshly Sweet (coconut, grape fruit)
  • Jasmin Medley (jasmine, vanilla, rose)
  • Magnolia Nirvana (magnolia, vanilla)
  • Naartjie Temptation (tangerine (naartjie), lemon verbena, honey)
  • Jasmin Illusion (jasmine, vanilla)
  • Voluptuous Vanilla (vanilla, cinnamon)
  • Earthly Rose (rosewood, rose geranium)
  • Blissfull Blush (ylang ylang, rose geranium)

The general lack of healthy ingredients in commercial skin products inspired Yvette to expand the Cleo’s Milch range, including:

body scrubs | body butter | body lotion | moisture bars

Cleo’s Milch skin wellness products are made of 100% natural ingredients, and are crafted and packaged by hand.

Passion has certainly become a cliché in our time, however, you are invited to try to walk past a Cleo’s Milch display, without your soul being stirred. Yvette, as Chief Soap Artisan, is completely hooked on her craft, and the creation of revitalising products.

Join us at Willow Bend, as we cleanse our souls with Cleo’s Milch.