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At Willow Bend, we Farm for LIFE

The Willow Bend farm, situated in the Reddersburg District, some 60 kilometres from Bloemfontein, was originally purchased in 2008 by Winett, as a game farm. Since then, the game has been removed, and a herd of Dexter (named Irish Dex) cattle started flourishing on the land. During 2015, an additional portion was purchased, bringing the total land to 860 hectares. Additionally, the willow tree which inspired the name, growing on the banks of the river, which flows through the farm, is now physically a part of Willow Bend, at last.

The farmstead was built, from scratch, next to the river.

Winett and Yvette’s love of Nature, including animals, pervades everything throughout the Willow Bend brand. The farm officially hosts the following animals:

Goats, sheep, cattle, meerkat, emu’s, chickens, geese, pigs, spanish wild donkeys, poneys, turkeys and a domesticated African Wildcat. Refer to the Our People section for a paragraph or two about some of the animals’ interesting names.

From an agricultural management perspective, Willow Bend’s Way may be described as follows:

  • We strive towards breeding polled animals, specifically regarding the Dexter cattle herd
  • Breeding seasons have been implemented for the three lines of commercial livestock, being goats, cattle and sheep
  • We strive towards healthy animals, at all times
  • We practice genetic management, particularly regarding the cattle, sheep and goats

More about Willow Bend FARM for LIFE’s commercial livestock:


Three breeds of goat are kept, being Toggenburg, British Alpine, BDE (Bunte Deutche Edelziege). Why three breeds? They represent the best goats for high-fat (creamy) milk, which translates to our Udder Delight and Cleo’s Milch quality.


The Dexter herd yields milk and beef, with a separate Bonsmara herd producing beef.


Two breeds are kept separately: East Freesians, a very select breed, kept specifically for milk production, and Dormers are kept for their meat.

Lucern is produced on the farm, more than sufficient for own use, with the excess sold. Sugar Glaze, a type of reed, is also used to produce feed for the Willow Bend animals.

While we Farm for LIFE, we embrace Nature’s abundance, sharing the goodness with you, Willow Bend’s growing tribe.