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Willow Bend’s People promise wellness

Good day to you. I am Winett, I am Yvette and we are the MacKenzies. Pleased to meet you!

Willow Bend is more than a metaphor for our marriage. It is an extension, a product of our life partnership. Having married each other on the Willow Bend farm, it is the space where our individual rivers of creativity, vitality and passion meet and flow together, as one.

A combined identity is formed, however the contributing flavours of our individual personalities, the Yvette and Winett brands, clearly remain.

Our unique mix of creativity, harmonising competencies and interests, is woven together through our love for each other, Nature and People.

We both share a passion for Mother Nature, and pursuing the art of making the best products, in partnership with her. Our joy in increasingly living from Willow Bend’s abundance, is surpassed only by our sharing these gifts with you – whether you feast on our cheese, enhance your wellness with our soaps, or enjoy our piece of heaven under a tree next to the river …

This is where our invitation to you begins, where Nature makes our senses turn … at Willow Bend.

Having developed Willow Bend from scratch, since 2008, the first goats arrived in style, in a manner of speaking. Winett bought two goats for Yvette, who named the blue-eyed newcomer Sky and her compatriot Betty (Davis). Carol (Burnett) soon followed, with Whitney, Britney and Cher completing the Willow Bend Walk of Fame First Arrival Club, or something to that effect.

Cattle soon followed, Dexters, to be exact. Names like Spartan, Tobasco the Beautiful, Zeus, Mayo, Dané and Camilla were given by Winett and Yvette to these hoofed immigrants.

Time and expense are seldom spared, when livestock or ingredients are acquired, as evidenced by the the MacKenzies traveling significant distances to purchase the right quality, in terms of livestock, forging partnerships, building client relationships, accessing new ingredients, etcetera.

At first, we wanted to say ‘Willow Bend is in an innovative phase of its existence,’ and then realised that Willow Bend will always be innovative, in all key aspects of our brand, and sub-brands.

So, there you have it, continuous innovation and Willow Bend are synonyms.