Willow Bend’s
Quality Promises

The proof of the pudding is in experiencing our dairy products, skin wellness products and Farm 4 LIFE hospitality and agricultural success. A visit to Willow Bend will add to your understanding of our seriousness about quality.


Willow Bend’s sought after presence at Bloemfontein-based Arts and Crafts Markets, Arts Festivals, retail outlets, and an increasing number of restaurants, makes us proud of our achievements thus far.  At Willow Bend we strive to become and remain certified and accredited for all our processes and products.

Our cheese, as produced through our Udder Delight brand, is farm styled cheese, or farmstead cheese, implying that we only produce cheese from our own animals’ milk. This is true for everything Willow Bend produces, including skin wellness products through our Cleo’s Milch brand.

Own farm, own animals, own milk, own dairy products, hands-on – finish and klaar.