Willow Bend’s
Sustainability promises
continuous value

Sustainability has become such a buzzword for our generation. At Willow Bend we know that very little stays the same. That won’t stop us from striving towards sustainable brand value, for all the members of Willow Bend’s growing tribe.

We chase our passion, not our pension.

Adding more P’s to our recipe for sustainability:


Yvette and Winett are, and will remain personally involved in and ultimately responsible for all key processes regarding WillowBend, and any sub-brand which their colaboration may host, like Udder Delight, Cleo’s Milch and Farm 4 LIFE. Farmers, Chief Cheesemakers, Chief Soap Makers.

Nico MacKenzie, Winett’s father, manages the farm, with a team of seven workers. Their four children and Winett’s mother also play various roles on the farm and during market days and activities. The children help feed the lambs during lamb season, co-handle the cattle, package soap, and so on. Winett’s mother does all their needlework, producing cotton washcloths for Cleo’s Milch. She is also part of the soap sales team on market days.


Willow Bend strives towards free range practice regarding our goats, cattle, sheep, chickens and geese. We use our own water and regulate water heating.


Profitability is important to us, to keep improving the quality of everything we do. Willow Bend’s profits will always be substantially invested in the improvement of our environment and processes, including product innovation.

  • As members of the Koppieskraal Agricultural Society, Willow Bend strives to remain an active participant in the collective agricultural affairs of the Reddersburg region.
  • Willow Bend hosts the children of the President Kruger Child and Youth Care centre, in Reddersburg, from time to time, on the farm.

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